In an effort to foster collaboration between alumni and current staff, we’re looking for alumni volunteers to further the goals of The Triangle. If you’re interesting in helping out, please consider the following opportunities.

Become a Mentor

Consider sharing the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained during your time at The Triangle. Our editors and staff are always open to feedback on their work and ideas on how to improve their department. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor to students, please reach out to us using our contact form and provide a short statement on how you’d like to volunteer.


The Triangle works closely with Drexel Archives to preserve all the work done at The Triangle, including printed newspaper issues and other publications, meeting minutes, and other administrative documents that highlight the internal workings of the organization. Drexel Archives is missing several past issues from their collection and we’re trying to track them down – if you happen to have any old issues or other materials and would consider donating them, please reach out to us to make arrangements.